Hello! Thanks for stopping by! If you’ve found your way here then either you were looking for me or we share a mutual interest because something on here popped up in your search engine of choice. Either way that makes me happy. If you were searching for me, I’m flattered. If we have interests in common, that’s wonderful too, because communication is glorious, common ground a joy, and mutual passion the key to a happy existence.

As the header says I’m a writer, editor and producer but those are all sort of tip of the iceberg catch-all titles for my areas of interest and what it is I do. I’m neurodivergent, the owner of an ADHD brain. Everything I think and feel overlaps, connects, strikes sparks off all the other thoughts and feelings which are happening all at once. My brain is busy. It is relentlessly curious, forever questioning and questing for info, forever seeing correlations and connections. It means I’m never short of ideas and opinions.

This site is a place to share what I’m up to. Assuming I remember to update it. ADHD right? The spotlight of my focus it OUT THERE more often than it is IN HERE. Self promotion isn’t interesting, keeping records isn’t interesting. More often than not I’m on to something else before I ever think to update my CV or tell anyone about the things I’m doing. But I’m going to try. Not least, because it give me an excuse to stop and think, take stock of my achievements, talk about things I love… because honestly, social media platforms all seem sort of toxic and overwhelming to me.

If you’re looking for me on socials, you won’t find me anywhere except Facebook and LinkedIn. I gave up Twitter and Instagram. If you want to send me a friend request on fb, feel free, but please don’t take offence if I don’t respond. I’ve weaned myself away from Facebook for the most part. I check in only occasionally, and I only keep the profile really because there are folks I know who I might lose touch with if I delete it. On the whole, I try to keep it reflective of my real world in that my ‘friends’ are people who I have communicated with already one way or another. It’s an ongoing experiment and my mood might change.

If you’re visiting with a more professional eye, the ‘About’ page has more info about who I am and what I do, so check that out or get in touch direct. I’m always open, always excited. But I won’t say yes to anything that’s not for me. If I’m not passionate it won’t work and neither of us wants that. I am, however, an inveterate problem solver. So if there’s someone better suited that I know I’ll introduce you to them. Everyone’s a winner.

Thanks again for stopping by. Hope you enjoy your stay. I look forward to hanging out or working with you.

All the very best,

“Why can’t our job here on earth be simply to inspire each other?”

Graham Joyce, author of The Limits of Enchantment