The last of my interviews with the fine folks at Arrow Films & Video is now up over at THE DIGITAL FIX.

This one is with disc producer Michael Brooke (who is also a very fine writer regularly contributing to Sight & Sound).

In many ways, this is the itnerview that began it all. Michael is someone I have known for a while on facebook, so he was the first person that I spoke to when I had the idea for a deeper look into what goes on behind the scenes there. I tend to think tthat there’s a lot of misinformation, or poorly formed assumptions as to how a restoration happens, how a bluray is put together, the work entailed in doing a good job. in getting it RIGHT. It’s easy to be dismissive of a release, but it’s disrespectful to think that there’s not an enormous amount of love, passion and bloody hard work going into the release in an effort to create – every time out of the gate – a product that’s as near definitive as it is possible to be, given time and budget etc.

Michael has worked on any number of outstanding releases for Arrow: THE LONG GOODBYE, NIGHT OF THE HUNTER, SULLIVAN’S TRAVELS among others… and as co-producer on CAMERA OBSCURA (the extraordinary Borowczyck box set) and THE STRANGE CASE OF DR. JEKYLL AND MISS OSBOURNE. He’s also the man behind the exemplary BFI Svankmajer and Quay Brothers Box Sets (you love him already, right?)

Read on and get to know him better…

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