Arrow Films & Video: Aiming For A Bullseye In America



I didn’t think I could have been prouder when Tim Lucas invited me to contribute to issue #179 of VIDEO WATCHDOG magazine, long the standard bearer for great film writing. But seeing the preview that was put up on the VIDEO WATCHDOG website recently, I welled up with excitement.

THIS felt like my graduation day, much more so than when I left University almost 16 years ago.

The article is a condensation of some of my Arrow Films & Video interviews (available in full over at The Digital Fix – see earlier posts), along with extra material exclusive to VIDEO WATCHDOG.

As Tim mentions in his editorial, I will be following this piece up with a more extensive interview with James White Head of Restoration, and David Mackenzie, the man who encodes and masters the discs, about their work and how they get the results we see when we buy the discs.

I’m over the moon to be part of the WATCHDOG kennel.

Go to the site and click on the cover to take a look at this beautiful preview of the forthcoming issue.

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