WE ARE THE MARTIANS: a message from the Editor


WE ARE THE MARTIANS: The Legacy of Nigel Kneale, will now be published by the PS Publishing, not Spectral Press…

It has come to my attention that there are still some people who might not be aware of Spectral’s financial problems, and my decision to take the book to a new publisher.

It has also come to my attention that the process for contacting Spectral regarding refunds has not been as smooth nor as straight forward as might have been hoped.

In an effort to do what I can toward ameliorating this, it seems wise to make a statement here, and ask all who read it to please help disseminate this message so that everyone who preordered the book is made aware of the situation and of the right contact details for making enquiries about refunds.

First, and most importantly: If you preordered WE ARE THE MARTIANS from Spectral Press and have not contacted them about a refund, please do so. They will no longer be publishing this book.

Contact Spectral via spectralclaim@ticketyboopress.co.uk or spectral@ticketyboopress.co.uk (perhaps send it to both simultaneously to save time).

If you have tried contacting them at one of the above emails without success, try the other.

Support for this project has been immense from day one. The enthusiasm and interest has been humbling. I can’t begin to explain what it’s meant to me, personally.

The situation with Spectral has been a deeply disappointing setback. Now I just want the best for the book, my contributors, and the customers who supported the project by preordering.

For anyone who preordered through Spectral, that means getting a refund. Unfortunately the situation there means it has not been possible to simply transfer preorders over to PS (I wish that it were otherwise).

As some of you may know – and as you can see elsewhere on my blog – the book did get as far as a launch event, last December at the Horse Hospital in London, as part of the Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies lecture series, at which a paperback edition of the book was available to buy.

Due to circumstances beyond my control this edition was printed from an uncorrected version of the text, something that was only discovered after the event.

I have asked that any remaining stock  of this edition not be sold or sent out to anyone since it is not an accurate representation of the hard work that has gone into the book by myself and my contributors. Nor do I think it  fair for customers to accept a substandard version of what they paid for. That version is, in effect, an uncorrected proof. Something that would never usually be circulated to the public. If you bought one at the event or have been sent one by Spectral, I can only apologize.‎

It’s been a difficult start to the year, but WE ARE THE MARTIANS: The Legacy of Nigel Kneale will see print in the near future, thanks to the award winning team at PS Publishing (as soon as I have a date I’ll shout it from the rooftops). I’m thrilled to have found a new home with such a distinguished publisher.

I remain intensely proud of this book, and of the work of my contributors. Together, I believe we have created a fitting tribute to the extraordinary talent of Nigel Kneale.

I very much hope you’ll join us in celebrating that talent with our new partners at PS.

Faithfully yours,
Neil Snowdon
Editor: WE ARE THE MARTIANS: The Legacy of Nigel Kneale


Cover by David Chatton Barker.

7 thoughts on “WE ARE THE MARTIANS: a message from the Editor

  1. First learned about this book in a 2015 issue of Video Watchdog. Will this book be sold by US book retailers? What’s the best way to keep track of this book’s progress? (If you send out email newsletters, feel free to add mine to your list.)

    Thank you! Dying to read it.

    1. Hi JP,

      Best way to keep up to date will be to sign up to the PS Publishing newsletter (they put out great books so it’s worth your time regardless), ‘like’ the We Are The Martians facebook page, or just follow this blog. You can be sure that when we have a date, and once the book it out, I’ll be singing it from the rooftops.

      With regard the fb page: this was set up by me after my former publisher deleted the original page, and in the process one of the few means of public communication with those customers who had preordered but not been informed about their financial difficulties and my decision to move the book elsewhere.

      You’ll note that I have not deleted any comments from those customers who are rightly angry about their treatment – not least because my former publisher *did* delete comments from their social media sites when people asked questions.

      Also, I hope that in being able to read my replies, people will see that I have done my best to be transparent in a very difficult circumstances.

      The book is moving forward with it’s new publisher, PS, and will be available later this year or early next. I’m hoping sooner rather than later.

      I’m immensely proud of the book, and the work of my incredible contributors.

      I look forward to you being able to read it.

      PS certainly ship to US locations, and their books are available via Amazon etc. I’m not sure if they have US bookstore distribution, but should be orderable from stores, via usual wholesalers (I’ll check on that and give full details once we have a release date).

      Thanks for your continued interest, JP. I really do think the book is worth your wait!

      All the best,

      1. Thank you for the helpful reply, Neil!

        I’ve also added your blog to my RSS feeds, so hopefully that’ll cover all bases to make sure I don’t miss out when this book’s released!

        (FWIW, I’m not one of those angry customers, just a Yank who wishes Nigel Kneale’s work had better exposure in the US. XPERIMENT is the only one of his films that’s received a North American Blu-ray release. I wish Hammer would find US distribution for QUATERMASS & THE PIT on BD.)

        Just FYI, the December issue of Video Watchdog said that the book was “coming soon from Spectral Press.” I don’t know if Lucas corrected the publisher name in a more recent issue.


  2. The info in VW was correct at the time. Spectral hit financial troubles in January. It’s been a bumpy ride since then, not least because communication between Spectral and the customers who preodered has been poor. People have been rightly perturbed by that, but the book is now with PS Publishing, and we’re moving ahead.

    Tim has been a huge supporter of the book and my work, and his piece about Kneale’s literary output breaks new ground in understanding the totality of Kneale’s talent and influence. I’ve been blessed to work with such incredible contributors.

    I look forward to finally presenting their work in the finished book.

    All the best,

  3. Hello Neil – glad to see this is finally seeing the light of day.

    I was one of the early supporters, pre-ordering the book through Spectral. Sadly, it looks as if I’ll never see my funds returned.

    Have you given any consideration to some sort of discount to people such as myself who were left out to dry? I’ll be buying the book (again) regardless, but wanted to make the suggestion.

    Best of luck,
    Clark Perry

    1. Hi Clark,

      Thanks for sticking with us!

      PS Publishing did mention in a recent Newsletter that they were looking into the possibility of doing ‘Something’ for those supporters of the project who got stung by Spectral… however what that something might be hadn’t been decided. The possibility of a voucher or ebook were mentioned I think. That’s very much up to PS though. I’d recommend signing up to the PS Publishing newsletter (email) to keep abreast of any developments.

      All the best,

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