The Tempestuous Loveliness Of Terror


Gothic event alt2

“You will cleave to this tortured bit of cinematic epilepsy because it is ALIVE… I came away from Gothic with my soul on fire… (…) because it is dangerously conceived, impudently mounted, uncaring of its footing, determined to crawl the wall or tumble into the abyss, all in the name of disgorging the absurd demon in thought.”  – Harlan Ellison in ‘Harlan Ellison’s Watching’

Our inaugural event! A very special screening of Ken Russell’s GOTHIC to celebrate 200 years since the night at Villa Diodati when Byron, Shelley and Mary Godwin told ghost stories and birthed the Horror genre as we know it.

And that’s not all… joining us to celebrate we have Stephen Volk, screenwriter of the movie (and a whole lot more – look him up!) and David Pirie, author of seminal book about the British Horror Film ‘A Heritage Of Horror’. A book that was also something of an inspiration to Mr. Volk when he conceived the idea for his script.

And all of this in the suitably fitting Gothic environs of Newcastle Castle Keep… if you’re Horror fan, you don’t want to miss it.

Tickets are on sale now… click HERE.

Friday 17th June at 7pm. Newcastle Castle Keep.

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