DANCING WITH SHADOWS… the Charlie Grant Blogathon

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Photo (right): Mary Jasch

Ten years ago this September, we lost one of the finest writers that the genre has ever seen.

Charles L. Grant is too little talked about these days, and I want to see that change. He was one of the Greats of our genre. More people need to know that. No one wrote like Charlie. No one wrote such exquisite, quietly chilling prose as he did. His pen dripped with black diamonds; phrases like glittering jewels that could cut glass.

He was one of the best.

I’m pushing hard for this, and it’s coming together beautifully, but just to be clear: The Charlie Grant Blogathon is open to EVERYONE…

I’ve been inviting people who I know were friends with Charlie or have spoken previously about his work, but PLEASE, if you loved Charles L. Grant and/or his writing, and you want to be involved, get in touch! 10 years since he passed away, we want to make sure his name is still a part of the current Genre conversation. He was a truly Great writer, and he deserves it. Let’s mark this anniversary in a way to make him proud.

The Blogathon will run from 12th-18th September. Right now the blogroll includes:

Myself, Ramsey Campbell, Mark Morris, Gary McMahon, Gary Fry, Christopher Golden, Mark West, Nancy Collins, Lynda E. Rucker, Stephen Laws, Stephen Bacon, Nathan Ballingrud, David Sutton, Kealan Patrick Burke, James Everington, James A. Moore, Peter Coleborn, Steven Savile, Marc Laidlaw, John Langan, Tim Lebbon, Jean-Daniel Brèque, Tom Monteleone, P.D Cacek, Jonathan Oliver, and Stephen Bissette.

If you want to join us in celebrating the life and work of one of the finest prose stylists that the genre has ever known, just get in touch – message me or leave a comment. JOIN US!

All you’ll need to do is post about Charlie and/or his work during the week of 12th-18th September. Include the image up top (including photo credit) and link back to this blog (there’ll be a specific BLOGATHON post the day before we launch, link to that and I’ll update it daily with links to every contribution made so that everybody can be found and read easily).

Please share your posts and mine. Use the hashtag #dancingwithshadows or #charleslgrant see if we can get Charlie trending that week. The genre is preserved by the people who love it. By those of us who do not forget. Remember Charlie this September. Share some love.


Let’s make this huge.


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