Show Us Who You Are


Today I finished Show Us Who You Are by Elle McNicholl her superb follow up to the brilliant A Kind Of Spark.

Once again I felt seen, and was folding pages for all the moments that nail the Neurodivergent experience that I don’t find elsewhere.

Once again I find myself reaching for a way to describe how remarkable it is to see my experience written on the page so clearly, without fuss or shame. Like David Almond, Elle’s prose has the clarity and seeming simplicity of haiku…

And like haiku it cuts through all the bullshit to get to the actuality of the thing, the essence of, in this case, Neurodivergent experience. In clean, clear, compelling writing she will tell you what’s what, show you what it means and how it feels… and break your heart doing it. Here is joy and hope and courage, fear and guilt and shame. Righteous anger and an utter lack of pretence. This is #ownvoices writing without the mask and it is beautiful.

Thank you @ed_pr for sending me an early copy, and @_KnightsOf for publishing it. It deserves all the accolades that #AKindOfSpark got all over again!

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