Not all academics can be cured

Last year was a bit of a roller coaster.

So far this year is off to a decent start. I’m feeling in a good place personally and creatively. Which is nice. A return to personal creative projects – fiction in prose or script form – has been a long time coming. The itch has become ever more insistent and I feel like my perspective has returned changed, and grown.

I mean, there are probably too many ideas floating around, but I’m also less precious about them. I’ve got story ideas to spare. Many of them aren’t ones I would be right to take the distance. But I’m in a better place these days to know I can maybe get them somewhere/to some ONE who could knock them out the park.

It’s nice to notice changes, see the markers that say we’re still growing. I think I have in this last couple of years. I think too that growth connotes an amount of healing.

Not that I don’t still think there’s a lot to unpick, unpack and course correct as well – I’m being assessed for autism as well, now that we’ve confirmed the ADHD, which means there’s a lifetime of ‘masking’ to get beyond and undo. But that’s a good thing too. I’m getting closer to me, and to being able to BE me more fully and openly. Wholly, and joyfully.

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