Electric Dreamhouse

EDLOGOImagine if you will that the BFI had a disreputable cousin‎, a Northern Grindhouse with tastes a little darker and stranger. With staff who love their movies with a passion that borders on religious zeal, who know you by name and welcome you in as they throw the doors open at midnight… whose programming runs the gamut of worldwide genre film making, praising the strange, the unusual, the weird and forgotten.

Sounds good?

Then step inside the ELECTRIC DREAMHOUSE! A new cinema imprint from PS Publishing and Editor Neil Snowdon (We Are The Martians: The Legacy Of Nigel Kneale).

Launching this year at FantasyCon By The Sea with ‘Midnight Movie Monographs’ – an ongoing series dedicated to outstanding genre titles that just don’t get the attention elsewhere.

Written by genre authors, film makers and some of the finest critical voices on the scene, bringing a unique perspective to films they love, these are not dry academic texts. They are passionate, in depth celebrations that go deep, from writers who know and love the genre inside out. Expert – indeed award winning! – practitioners in their field.

Who are these practitioners? Take a look and see…

‘Midnight Movie Monographs’:

EYES WITHOUT A FACE by Michael Brooke (critic for Sight & Sound, dvd and Bluray producer for Arrow Video and BFI including Jan Svankmajer, Walerian Borowczyk, Roger Corman collections)

THEATRE OF BLOOD by John Llewellyn Probert (author Wicked Delights, The Hammer Of Dr. Valentine and more, critic at House Of Mortal Cinema)

DEATHLINE by Sean Hogan (screenwriter and director for film and theatre, films include The Devil’s Business, Lie Still, Little Deaths and Future Shock!; theatre includes The Ghost Train Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore)

MARTYRS by Stacie Ponder (writer/director/critic/comics artist – writer for Rue Morgue Magazine and the HUGELY popular Final Girl blog, writer/director of Ludlow)

CARNIVAL OF SOULS by Stephen R. Bissette (comics artist and writer, Swamp Thing, Tyrant, film critic Video Watchdog, Gorezone, Fangoria)

SINISTER by Mark Morris‎
(Author Toady, The Black, The Immaculate, The Wolves Of London, Albion Fay. Editor The Spectral Book Of Horror Stories. Scriptwriter for Doctor Who and Hammer Audio Drama)

LET’S SCARE JESSICA TO DEATH by Lynda E. Rucker (Author of The Moon Will Look Strange, Columnist for Black Static Magazine)
THE KARNSTEIN TRILOGY by Angela Slatter (World Fantasy Award Winning author of Sourdough & and Other Tales, The Bitterwood Bible, Of Sorrow And Such, Vigil)
THE TENANT by Kevin Jackson (writer, broadcaster, film maker, pataphysician‎; author of BFI monographs on Nosferatu, Withnail & I, and Lawrence Of Arabia)

TWIN PEAKS FIRE WALK WITH ME by Maura McHugh‎ (writer of prose, comics and film; Twisted Fairy Tales, Witchfinder: Mysteries Of Unland)

FRANKENSTEIN MUST BE DESTROYED by Dennis Cozzalio (film critic for Trailers From Hell, and Sergio Leone & The Infield Fly Rule)

FREAKS by Johnny Mains (Author of Plugged Into The Mains, and A Little Light Screaming. Editor of Dead Funny, Best British Horror, Aickman A Centenary Celebration. Liner notes for Arrow Video Bluray restorations of Happiness Of The Katakuris and La Grande Bouffe.)

THE FURY by Howard S. Berger & Kevin Marr (Film makers and critics. Director of Original Sins, and A Life In The Death Of Joe Meek. Writers of Destructible Man blog. Plus various appearances on extras for Arrow Video)

MARTIN by Jez Winship (Writer, broadcaster,critic, photographer, storyteller. Contributor to We Are The Martians, The Folklore Tapes ‘Calendar Customs’ series, broadcaster on Phonic FM Exeter. Live storyteller at Folklore Tapes events)

THE STONE TAPE by Fiona Watson (Screenwriter of Twisted Tales, and Let Us Prey. Writer for online film journal Senses Of Cinema)

ISLAND OF LOST SOULS by Jonathan Rigby (Author, actor, broadcaster. Author of English Gothic, American Gothic, Euro Gothic. Consultant on A History Of Horror presented by Mark Gatiss. Jonathan can regularly be found on the commentaries for classic horror movies, Hammer in particular).

SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE by Stacie Ponder (see above)

THE HILLS HAVE EYES by Richard Harland Smith (writer/critic, Video Watchdog, Movie Morlocks-TCM online, commentaries for Deranged, Panic In The Year Zero, Burnt Offerings, Donovan’s Brain, and more‎)

BLOOD ON SATAN’S CLAW by Kimberly Lindbergs (Writer and critic at Movie Morlocks and Cine Beats)ERASERHEAD by Anton Bitel (film critic Sight & Sound – where he specialises in Cult and outre titles – and occasional tutor in Ancient Greek and Latin at Oxford University)

MESSIAH OF EVIL by Maitland McDonagh (film critic and author of Broken Mirrors, Broken Minds, the first book length study of the films of Dario Argento. Maitland has written for Video Watchdog, Fangoria, Dark Side and numerous other film magazines. She also contributes liner notes to releases by Criterion and Arrow Video).

BLACK SUNDAY by Angela Slatter‎ (see above)FACE OF FIRE by Stephen Laws (author of Spectre, The Wyrm, Chasm, Ferocity and more. Interviewer for Festival Of Fantastic Film. Expert in all things genre)

PHASE IV by Neil Mitchell (film critic at Sight & Sound, Total Film, Electric Sheep and more, author of monograph on Carrie, film programmer for Australia and New Zealand Festival of Literature and Arts)

THE DEVIL RIDES OUT by Maura McHugh (see above)

MANHUNTER by Philip Simpson( Making Murder: The Fiction Of Thomas Harris, Psycho Paths: Tracking The Serial Killer Through Contemporary American Film And Fiction) & Scott Bradley (The Book Of Lists: Horror, The Dark – with Pete Giglio, and numerous journals and magazines).

And that’s not all. Any such cinema would surely runs dedicated seasons and special events… to that end we’ll have other books too. PS have done fantastic film books in the past with Mark Morris’ CINEMA MACABRE and CINEMA FUTURA, and Johnny Mains book on THE SORCERORS. Now such titles will have a dedicated home.

After difficulties with it’s original publisher, WE ARE THE MARTIANS: The Legacy Of Nigel Kneale has found a new home with PS and it’s a perfect fit for ELECTRIC DREAMHOUSE‎. A career length celebration of, not only one of the greatest screenwriters that the world has ever seen, but one of the finest writers of speculative fiction that the UK has ever produced, with contributions from Mark Gatiss, Kim Newman, Stephen Volk, Mark Morris, Jonathan Rigby, Tim Lucas, Stephen Bissette, Joe Dante and more.

Special Guests? Actors, Directors, Screenwriters, Producers and Composers talking about their work in the very genres we love? We’ve got that too…

From 1990 to 2009, Horror Author Stephen Laws could also be seen on stage at the Festival Of Fantastic Films in Manchester interviewing many of their guests. Everyone from Ray Harryhausen to Andrew Kier, Val Guest to Barbara Shelley, Jorge Grau to Ingrid Pit, Roy Ward Baker to James Bernard, Roger Corman to Gerry Anderson, John Landis to Brian Clemens, Jean Rollin, Lamberto Bava, Tony Tenser, Hazel Court, Ken Foree, ‎David Warbeck, Paul Naschy, Antonio Margheriti, Jimmy Sangster, Robert Fuest and more… some of whom went on to become close personal friends.

Now Stephen is opening up the vaults…

THE LAWS OF HORROR will present the best of these interviews interspersed with personal anecdotes from Steve about the people he shared the stage with, and his life long love of Horror.

An extraordinary roll call of the people who made the very films that we all fell in love with. Whose films are the subject of the ‘Midnight Movie Monograph’ series.

ELECTRIC DREAMHOUSE… Projections from the heart of genre cinema.