Novocastria Macabre

Artwork copyright (C) Eve Laws 2016



A celebration of Horror and Dark Fantasy in Film, Art and Literature for Newcastle Upon Tyne.

An umbrella ‘brand’ under which various genre themed events will take place throughout the year across Newcastle and the North East.

New ideas, new venues, passion and innovation, mixing classic and new work within the fields of genre Film, Theatre, Literature, and Art.

Novocastria Macabre’ is the brainchild of Horror Author Stephen Laws and Editor Neil Snowdon.

By design it will also showcase Newcastle as a location which is as vibrant, exciting and original as any in the UK for hosting Film and Literary events, supporting and showcasing genre oriented arts and narrative in the embracing, inclusive manner that is a hallmark of the North East.


Taking the gothic environs of the city’s Castle Keep as our central venue we’d also like to spread events out to other spaces across Newcastle, purpose built or otherwise. The Northern Mining Institute and Brunswick Methodist Church are a given, but it is our desire to use atmospheric locations across the city that best fit the events themselves to enhance the experience, and to open Newcastle up to visitors and locals alike so that they might see it with new eyes.

Unusual back rooms, old pubs, derelict buildings (depending on Health and Safety)… not only are these atmospheric for our purpose, making the events all the more unusual and attractive, they also help show the locations in a ‘new light’, and – we hope – inspire new and more creative uses of them for the future.


As professionals in our fields, we are eminently well connected to draw on the very best talent that the genre has to offer in the UK and beyond.

As an author and on-stage interviewer for The Festival Of Fantastic Films in Manchester, Stephen has a long established association with many of our finest writers of novels, film and television, but also with many of the actors, directors, musicians and technicians involved in the making of beloved classic genre films from across the world – from the gothic thrills of Hammer Horror, to the gory exploits of Spanish Zombie movies and Italian Giallo, and classic chills of ghost stories for television…

As a journalist, film programmer and editor of the acclaimed WE ARE THE MARTAINS: The Legacy of Nigel Kneale (a book which highlights the immense influence of one of Britain’s finest screenwriters), Neil is similarly well connected to many of the genre’s current practitioners. Together they bring not only their passion, professionalism and enthusiasm, but also the trust and confidence of their peers that this will be an exciting, worthwhile endeavour with which to be involved, and a memorable one to boot.


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