A selection of my work as Producer for Physical & Digital Media and Live Venues.

Disc Producing entails the total overview of the disc content and packaging, curating and commissioning extras, booklets and artwork, from conception to completion. This involves a great deal of research in the first place, as well as conversations with critics, artists and filmmakers, as well as co-ordination of the same and maintaining relationships with licensors and movie studios.

Blu-Ray and UHD

Twisting the Knife: Four Films by Claude Chabrol

Lies & Deceit: Five Films by Claude Chabrol

Sleep (aka Schlaf)
The Mangler
The Last Matinee
Children Of The Corn Trilogy
Cold War Creatures
The Films Of Olivier Assayas
A Tale Of Two Sisters
Major Dundee
Weird Wisconsin
Switchblade Sisters
Tales From The Urban Jungle
The Sheltering Sky
Little Nothings
Flash Gordon
Bicycle Thieves

Live Events and Programming

Novocastria Macabre: Gothic with Stephen Volk & David Pirie at Newcastle Castle

Novocastria Macabre: An Evening with John Connolly

Novocastria Macabre: An Evening with Stephen Gallagher

We Are the Martians launch event with Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies

From Out of the Shadows Gothic Horror Film season at the Little Theatre Cinema in Bath